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Juliana graduated from LIM Laboratory Institute of Fashion Merchandizing in New York City and earned the prestigious Bloomingdale Award for Outstanding Student with a 3.86 GPA

At SUNY, and Eckerd College she studied Behavioral Science, and Marketing. Deans List

After a successful career in retail merchandizing , Juliana renewed her love of science and Medicine and began a career in marketing Laboratory Medicine.  After seeing countless waiting rooms of sick patients she realized that most of these disease states were caused by poor lifestyle habits..

In 2002 she discovered USANA Health Sciences and began her journey as a Wellness Coach helping people reach peak performance with their health. In 2003 she became a Licensed Clinical Esthetician where she opened Peak Performance Skin Care Clinic upon graduation and later worked in a Dermatology. practice.Juliana went on to sell Professional Skin Care Lines to Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Spas. She conducted Product Knowledge and Marketing Seminars for Sense Skin Care, and spoke at USANA conventions. She combines her knowledge, and expertise in Esthetics, Fashion, Fitness, Nutrition, Science, and Psychology  to transform you to reach your full potential. How to Get Your Diva Back and be the best you !