Juliana is a great coach! She has been tremendously helpful in coaching me  to achieve my ideal weight. We agreed on a weight loss goal of 20 lb. and I only have 4 more to go!   What I liked was her way of consistently encouraging me, and gently holding me accountable in our coaching sessions. She identified a food that I drastically reduced that was a large cause of me not being able to lose weight.

She put me on USANA vitamins which I love, and I  feel so much more energy, with minerals helping me sleep at night which is so important in weight loss. 

Not only did she help me but also my husband by educating us about Statin drugs, and his Physician agreed to take him off, and all his leg cramps are gone! Making me the happiest woman in the world ! I love her Holistic approach and would certainly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health !

Charlotte Krausser 

Anonymous Testimonial for Emotional Healing

Juliana helped me look at a problem from another perspective,was very understanding,prayed with me, and offered therapeutic techniques to cope with the issue. She picked right up on the deep rooted issues. I would highly recommend her services !!!!


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